About Us

Hoskins Exteriors Team

Hoskins Exteriors (formerly Hoskins Siding & Windows) opened for business officially in November 1991. The services and products we offered in the beginning were just siding, replacement windows, and seamless guttering. There was the occasional odd job or repair, but we kept it pretty simple in the early days. In the summer of 1992 we rolled out a 50 ft length of seamless gutter to create the longest recorded ice cream sundae in Clarinda’s history. Our extended family organized a “Hoskins Family Reunion” and the sundae was one of the main features! We had to build it and eat it fast though — it started melting pretty quick!

Our business continued to grow through the 90’s and by the year 2000, we were ready to expand and offer more services and products. In 2001 we added roofing to our list of services — residential and commercial. Hoskins Roofing Systems was born when we became dealers for the SPF (sprayed polyurethane foam) roofing system. This features a monolithic high density product with no seams or fasteners and a 10 year renewable warranty. It’s perfect for old tar roofs where leaking is a constant issue, and many other applications too. It was shortly after this that we began taking on residential roofs, shingling, and installing metal roofing. In 2005 we invested in equipment to custom fabricate our “Gutter Dome” premium gutter cover system with the famous “Lifetime Debri-Free Guarantee!” This has been an excellent product to offer homeowners who don’t want to clean their gutters ever again! It was also at this time we began offering 6” commercial seamless guttering as well, after purchasing a 6’’ gutter machine.

By 2007, we expanded our services again to include carpentry, deck building, and other construction work. Our latest expansion effort began in 2010 when we opened an office in Crescent, Iowa to serve Crescent, Council Bluffs, and the surrounding communities. We call this our north territory. Clarinda continues to be our base, our “home territory”. We are very thankful to be based in Clarinda and part of such a fine community.

We contribute our success to the simple old-fashioned principles of treating each of our customers like we would want to be treated; with respect, appreciation, and a sincere desire to serve them in the best way we can. Thankfully, we have a lot of people and businesses in Clarinda that feel the same way. We invite you to call on us if you need help with any home improvements, or just come down and see us at 609 East Main Street in Clarinda.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hoskins Exteriors (formerly Hoskins Siding & Windows) has been in business since 1991. We’re an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau, and have an A+ rating

Yes, we rebranded our business name to Hoskins Exteriors (formerly we were Hoskins Siding & Windows). We believe our new name better captures the comprehensive exterior services we provide including roofing, siding, windows, and gutters.